Jarrett Bay 55 Transom Lettering


Sportfish commissioning for new owner.

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This 55' Jarrett Bay spotfishing boat came to Off The Hook Yacht Services with a punchlist of items to complete for the new owner, having recently purchased her. The highlight project was re lettering the faux teak finished transom. Faux teak finishes are increasingly popular for their durability, low maintenance, good looks, and longevity. Achieving a realistic faux teak finished transom takes the hand and eye of a skilled artist. This transom had the lettering applied over a base of clearcoat that covered the faux finish, affording the OTHYS team the ability to remove the existing lettering, level out the clear coat, and re clear coat the faux finish before applying the new name, without destroying the existing faux finish. While this method might not work for every faux finished transom due to an artists methods in initially applying the faux teak, in this instance it worked, with minor repair and the outcome looks like a new transom. Contact the Off The Hook Yacht Services team for more information on faux teak work on your boat.

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