AGLCA (America’s Great Loop Cruisers Association)


Off The Hook Yacht Services is a proud sponsor of the AGLCA.

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AGLCA or the America's Great Loop Cruisers Association is a group of goal focused individuals looking to complete the "Loop" or an eastern circumnavigation of the United States, typically in a counter-clockwise direction. The route follows the East Coast of the United States, crosses the Great Lakes, down various rivers terminating in the Gulf of Mexico. "Loopers," as they are known, are individuals pursuing the completion of the Great Loop and AGLCA is an organization to empower them with knowledge, resources, and community to assist in their cruising goals. The AGLCA is an active group that holds rendezvous and hosts a content rich website for its members. Off The Hook Yacht Services acts as a repair yard to refit and prepare boats for a Great Loop journey.

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