Electronics are ever changing in the marine industry, with innovative products and upgraded technology introduced each year. Top marine electronics manufacturers are producing quality equipment that is compatible with varied brands of hardware across NMEA communication lines. Off The Hook Yacht Services electronics technicians are ready to address your electronics needs from new electronics package specification and installation  to repair for your existing hardware or software issues. Upgrades from old electronics can be handled in house with ancillary work all under one roof, including transducer installation, dash carpentry modification and fiberglass work. Tying in accessories like lighting and security hardware is now an ability on one screen. All electronics installations at Off The Hook Yacht Services are performed to NMEA standards and are always ABYC compliant. Reliable electronics are Off The Hook Yacht Services technician’s specialty and integrating hardware and software are aided by factory support connections.  Current dependable electronics are a safety and convenience luxury and can transform your experience on the water, contact Off The Hook Yacht Services today for more information.

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